I.T. Guru, Social Media expert and philanthropist.


‘A sound mind in a sound body’

Thales (Miletus, 624 – 546 BC)

Having been involved in sports since I was a child, my sporting activities have honed my competitive instinct, as well as provide me with many social and business opportunities.













Sports and charity.

My belief in sport as a means to provide a platform for underprivileged children to reap benefits, both socially and personally in their health, has lead me to give of my time in this pursuit.

I have trained as a tennis umpire and donated my time to fundraising tournaments which were set to raise money for such causes, as well as fun days for those less fortunate. Donation drives are another way in which I’ve been active in a community drive. Acquiring donations of golf clubs for my local Country Club, Durban Country Club, to be able to distribute to and then teach underprivileged children the art of a game of golf.














Tennis is my sport. I’ve represented at school, university, club and national level having picked up a racquet for the very first time, aged just five.  A mere five years on, I competed for the first time nationally, aged ten…my last competitive match was played in 2013.

Through tennis and my club associations, my network, both personal and business, has been able to forge ahead and make relationships I may otherwise have missed.














Riding is one of my biggest loves…nothing can beat cross country ride at dusk after a warm summer’s day, It is so relaxing. Having ridden my whole life, I’m in the fortunate position to say that cross-country riding is my favourite. Polo, although I have never competed, is one of my two favourites to watch, the other, show jumping…I admire the skill and tenacity, and appreciate the hours of dedication.














Born in a tiny port town, my earliest memories are of the sea, the smell of the salt in the air and the gentle (and sometimes not so gentle) rocking of a bow wave. Love of the sea never leaves a person, and in my early 20’s, living in another port town, Durban, I contributed to my local yacht clubs as a freelance photographer.