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Petar Stipanovic's Travels

As soon as I felt the hot unfamiliar breeze in Harare airport I knew that I wanted to see more of the world. I have traveled across central and south Europe, the UK East coast of America and Southern Africa. I am almost exclusively found off the beaten path over or under water exploring long forgotten or secluded places. Due to the nature of my travels, I have had to learn to get along with many different cultures and what their customs are.


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My first camera was a Praktika MTL3 a fully manual film camera which was given to me in 1989 . As a child of the digital age, it was kinda fun at the time but ultimately it was just a curiosity to me. In 2006  I bought a Panasonic FZ30 bridge camera. The camera had a silver finish and produces state of the art images and best of all it was a computer.  Now this is something I could really get into. I used to reshoot the same scene with changing the cameras settings slightly each time.  Since then I have owned dozens of cameras but I will never forget my FZ30.